Refresh & Focus

A Toolkit for Creatives

I'd love to give you tools to help you rediscover and lean into your creative design. This 30-page resource is chock full of helpful tools, resources, encouragement, and templates to refresh your soul and focus your mind.

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Call To ___ Template

Trace the story of your creative design. Follow the arrows that point to God's work in your life yesterday, so you can walk with joy today.

Priorities & Goals

Use these worksheets to evaluate what is most important to you. Then, break down goals into small, actionable steps forward.

Reset the Story

Learn to identify the story you are telling yourself. Is it kind? Is it loving? Is it true? Then rewrite the negative narrative.

Journal Prompts

Prompted journal pages help you remember who God designed you to be and walk that path with joyful confidence.

Cultivate a life of joy and purpose. 

If you are sitting in the soil of your everyday life and long to reawaken creativity, today's the day. It doesn't have to be a big step. You don't have to reroute your life. All it takes is a little mindset shift and the tiniest adjustment.

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Begin to refresh and focus your creativity today. Download this beautiful 30-page resource today.

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