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Framed In Joy

Joy is a promise.

I help women of faith rediscover joy by cultivating a life of beauty and purpose in Christ and in community.

How Do I Cultivate Joy?

Ponder Truth, Savor Beauty, Find Rest

Joy is not a choice; it's a person!

I help women of faith cultivate joy in Christ and in community. With one-on-one coaching, practical articles, and online courses, I partner with women to help them pursue their dreams and gain clarity on what matters most.

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With a listening ear and a creative mind, Melissa is always able to provide direction and motivation for the next step.

Tonya A.

Natalie H.

Melissa is an amazing listener and encourager. Her guidance gave me the confidence I needed to move forward in a direction that feels natural for me.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Melissa asked me the questions I didn’t know how to ask myself. She dug into the “why” behind what I was doing, so that I could take practical and productive steps forward.

Marissa B.

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We all want to live intentional lives. We want to pursue dreams with God. And yet, life is busy and noisy. The everyday routine leaves little room for anything else. Learn how to create space to pursue what matters most!

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Rest & Refreshment
Are you weary? Do you long for deep connection with God and other women? In this course, you will learn how to rest in Christ and be a refreshment to others.

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