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Wouldn't it be great
if you could have...

Clear Purpose

From procrastination to imposter syndrome, the list of reasons not to write slows you down. However, when you have a clear vision for why you are writing, the motivation increases and hindrances clear.

Direction & Focus

Whether you want to clarify your message, hit publish on a post, or map out a massive project, I can help you organize your next steps and strategize tools to help you get the job done.

Creative Joy

You wear two hats - business and creativity. Do you know how to separate the two? When you recognize which tasks fit each category, you can make space for creative joy.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are productive but directionless.
  • You are busy but don't see the fruit of your labor.
  • You work without rest, and rest without feeling refreshed.
  • Your life is framed by many things, but not joy.

At Framed in Joy it is my aim to serve you with practical resources and encouragement you can implement from Day One. We learn and grow in Christ together and one step at a time.

Have We Met?

Hi, Melissa

In my growing-up years, creativity was easy. I danced, colored, and dreamed my way into the future. Seeds of creativity sank down deep in my soul. Occasionally, they sprouted, but life began to cover them up with the demands of routine days.

I found my way into middle age, a little dinged up and wondering if those seeds of creativity could still sprout. Do you, like me, ever wonder if those glorious days of creativity and productive joy are gone?

Today, you can begin to cultivate a life of beauty and purpose, rediscover your creative design, and dream again.

Ready to reactivate your creativity? I’d love to link arms with you. I am a certified writing coach and a woman passionate about helping you cultivate a life of deep, joyful purpose with Christ.


I'm so glad
that you're here

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Have You Ever Wondered...

How can a Writing Coach help me?

  • It takes courage and bravery to write.
  • It takes support and discipline to write consistently.
  • It takes practice to write well.
  • It takes focus to write on purpose.

And sometimes, it takes hiring a coach to help see clearly, write with hope, and make progress joyfully.

But, I've got more questions...

Not sure, yet?

I get it. You have questions.

Let's take coaching for a test drive, shall we?

Schedule a FREE 20 minute video call. I'll answer your questions and help you identify one small step forward in your creative life.

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Just Imagine the Possibilities

Together, we can…

…remember who we were designed to be.

…walk confidently in the truth.

…face challenges with unshakable hope.

…see and savor the good and beautiful.

…live with purpose and intention.

…work freely trusting God to produce fruit.

…balance work and rest as a natural gift of God’s grace.

…grow in wisdom as we hone our gifts and use them for His glory.

…delight in our Creator and the community He has placed us in.

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3 Coaching Categories



cultivate a mindset of slow, imperfect growth rooted in the strength and wisdom of your Creator



discern between busy and intentional productivity. Learn practices and rhythms to implement a life of beauty and purpose



create space for soul care, work, rest, and enrichment

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Kind Words

“Truly gifted…”

“Melissa saved me so much time by helping me clarify my core message for a keynote speaking event. The audience reaction to my clearer, more cohesive message was phenomenal, so thank you, Melissa. You are truly a gifted coach!”

~ Deb G, multi-published author, speaker, media guest

“She values creativity...”

“You won’t find a more gracious and caring person in the world. Melissa’s love for Jesus shines through, and I appreciated her offer to pray over our session goals. She values creativity and working with her reminded me of the reasons I love to write stories. I left our sessions with a clear action plan and the motivation to get to work. If you want a cheerleader, look no further than Melissa Smith.”

~ Sharon Hughson, author

“A revelation...”

“Melissa made my first coaching experience a revelation. Her thoughtful questions and easy coaching style helped me to explore and embrace my identity as a creative person of faith. She gave me tools and processes to make progress, dream a little bit bigger, and renew my joy and excitement in writing.”

~ Kathy G, writer

“Incredible teacher…”

“I have sat under Melissa's teaching and have had many conversations with her as my friend. She is an incredible teacher and coach, coming alongside and cheering you on! I have learned from, grown and been encouraged by Melissa - particularly in following the dreams and passions God has put within me.”

~ Carlee Ragains, author of Eleanor's Extraordinary Dreams


“After the first coaching session with Melissa, it was clear how impactful she would be for my writing.  Melissa’s talent, skill, and insight challenged and stretched me to consider things that I never would have on my own. With a listening ear and a creative mind, she is always able to provide direction and motivation for the next step I need to take to accomplish my goals.”

~ Tonya May Avant, writer & author of Using God's Playbook for the Game of Life

“Understands writers...”

“Melissa really understands the writer's journey. With her encouragement I have learned to overcome obstacles and keep momentum going even when life gets in the way. Thanks to her enthusiasm and support I’ve found greater clarity on my goals and a rekindled joy for the craft of writing.”

~ Millie Watkins, writer

I Bet You Didn't Know...

For the past 5 years, I've helped hundred of writers overcome challenges to the embrace a joy-filled, purposeful writing life.

As a coach I will...

  • offer incredible value at an affordable cost
  • integrate faith as foundational to our identities
  • equip you with essential tools and repeatable practices
  • empower you with truth-filled mindsets
  • provide encouragement and accountability for a joy-filled writing journey

Ready to partner up?

There are 5 reasons you need a writing coach.

  1. When you talk to someone who "gets it," your motivation increases.
  2. A coach can help you break down a large project into small, attainable steps.
  3. Internal challenges lose their power when a coach helps you see the truth.
  4.  The writing life is lonely. A coach offers encouragement and accountability.
  5. Routines are not a "one size fits all" t-shirt. A coach helps you curate a writing life that is unique.
I bet you're wondering...

What's Included

Curated Coaching

You are unique! In our sessions, we will dive deep into your writing life, challenges, and victories to curate solutions, strategies, and goals that fit your life.  

Video Calls

I'd love to sit in a coffee shop with you and chat. If you are in the Houston area, let's meet up? If not, our coaching sessions will be conducted via Zoom. 

Helpful Resources

Who doesn't love a good resource? From book recommendations to downloadable workbooks, I've got you covered.

"A simple way of facing your fears and living the dream: Become who you are."

~ Jeff Goins, You are a Writer

Let's Get Started

Choose the Coaching Package that best fits your life. From a self-paced online course with mini-sessions to a 6-session deep dive, I've got you covered.




  • Self-paced online course: A Routine Creative Life
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • 2 mini-sessions (30 min/each)
  • Schedule sessions for up to 1 year from time of purchase




  • 3 Sessions (50 min/each)
  • Access to Coach via Voxer
  • Personalized coaching for your writing life
  • Perfect for goal setting & accountability
  • Access to Coaching portal for easy login and scheduling
  • Schedule sessions for up to 1 year from time of purchase



Best Value!

  • Best value at $60/session
  • 6 Sessions (50 min/each)
  • Access to Coach via Voxer
  • Personalized coaching for your writing life
  • Perfect for bigger projects and long term progress
  • Access to Coaching portal for easy login and scheduling
  • Schedule sessions for up to 1 year from time of purchase

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