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5 Reasons You Need a Writing Coach

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I've been writing since junior high. You could light a bonfire seen from space with all of my scribbled-in journals.

Somewhere along the way, I pivoted and began to write publically. No longer were my words hidden away from the world. Yikes!

  • It takes courage and bravery to write.
  • It takes support and discipline to write consistently.
  • It takes practice to write well.
  • It takes focus to write on purpose.

And sometimes, it takes hiring a coach to help see clearly, write with hope, and make progress joyfully.

I had been writing for years before I worked with a writing coach. One of the requirements of my training to become a coach was to work with a peer and be coached. After one session, I was hooked!

If you have ever wondered if working with a coach could help you, here is what I’ve learned from working with my own coach and from helping my clients.

Reason 1: Talk to someone who "gets it.”

Writing can be lonely work. Your best friend or partner may be supportive, but they don’t understand the writing life. A coach speaks the same language and understands both the triumphs and struggles of the writing life.

Recently, I was explaining to my writing coach my struggle to keep my appointments to write. I put them on the calendar, but I consistently schedule over them. She laughed with sympathy because she understood, but wisely and kindly asked me pointed questions about my avoidance. 

Is this important to you?

If so, why are you allowing other activities to trump it?

Do you need a more specific plan?

Quickly, we got to the heart of the matter and created a new plan.

Reason 2: Gain clarity as you set and reach goals toward a larger project.

Often I hear writers say, “I need to write _______, but I keep getting behind on my schedule.”

Insert “blog post,” “podcast episode,” “book proposal,” or your personal project in the blank.

With my clients, I help them take one larger project and break it down into small, attainable steps of progress. For example, “write a blog post” becomes 6 steps.

  1. Brainstorm the idea.
  2. Write the draft.
  3. Edit.
  4. Create graphic.
  5. Publish on website.
  6. Market on social media outlets.

Now, the writer has a clear path forward. The large, overwhelming project becomes smaller less daunting steps. Plus, they now have a repeatable process for the next time!

If you are stuck knowing where to start or how to move forward on a large project, a coach can help you think, plan, and execute the project. Through goal setting and vision planning, you will gain clarity and motivation!

Reason 3: Learn to identify and overcome mental obstacles and blocks.

My inner critic has a name, Myrna. She’s not always kind or helpful, but too often I mistake her voice for my own and listen for too long. She criticizes, discourages, causes doubt, and questions relentlessly, and crushes the flow of ideas. I bet you have your own inner critic with its own unique narrative. 

Our mental obstacles can come in many shapes: inner critic, imposter syndrome, negative past experiences, fear, and spiritual battle.

There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors! A writing coach has a plethora of tools in their toolbox to help you identify and overcome those mental obstacles and clocks. While listening and asking questions sound simple enough, these powerful tools have unlocked my mental blocs time and again.

However, I find the most powerful tool a coach has in helping a writer navigate a mental block is mirroring back the narrative. Often we do not even recognize the false narratives we have come to believe until someone else says them back to us. At that moment, the truth is exposed, and we can begin to create a path forward.

Reason 4: Find accountability & encouragement

Every time I meet with my coach, I leave motivated and encouraged! I have an action plan ready to implement and the mental clarity to put it into motion. Just knowing she will ask me about my plan the next time we talk gets me moving!

Often when I meet with a client I hear some version of “Well, I knew I was meeting with you today, so yesterday I sat down and worked on ______________!”

There is power in saying your goals and dreams out loud to another person! A writing coach will cheer you on, challenge you to be your best, and follow up on your plan. If you are ready to make progress, you may be ready for a coach!

Reason 5: Develop repeatable, sustainable rhythms & routines.

Routines are not like a “one size fits all” t-shirt. You need to fit your systems and rhythms into your unique life and schedule. The beauty of repeatable, sustainable routines is that simplifies your workflow so you can focus on what matters the most.

My routine is constantly changing! Because of factors like my children’s school schedule and my health, each day looks different. My coach helps me evaluate the time I have and carve out pockets of time to write and plan for my business. I have to schedule in flexibility and time to rest!

  • If you are spinning your wheels but don’t feel productive, you may need a coach.
  • If you are productive but exhausted, you may need a coach.
  • If you have more on your plate than you know how to manage, you may need a coach.
  • If you have time but don’t know how to allocate it, you may need a coach. 


Which of these reasons fits your need right now? I can help you, fellow writer. Let's chat. You can book a free video chat with me at this link.

Ask me one question in the comments. What do you most need help with today?

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