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Ready or Not? How To Begin Well

Ready or Not? How to Begin Well

find rest new year perspective

“Sometimes you have to start before you’re ready.” 

-Emily P. Freeman

A new year has arrived, and with it, we all carry hope for change. In addition to a fresh calendar page, God may have called you to a particular decision or opened a new opportunity. As you weigh the new year and opportunities in your heart and mind, what do you find hidden in the recesses? Fear. Excitement. Doubt. Hope. Or maybe it is a mix. Likely, you are asking yourself, “Am I ready for this?” A new year is here, friends. Ready or not, let’s begin well!

Ready or Not: The First Step Is To Remember 

Over the past six years, God led me into numerous daunting new endeavors. Taking the first step often required the most courage, and most of the time I did not feel ready to begin. However, I’ve come to realize that the times that I began well was when I mentally committed. I may not have had all the necessary tools or training, but I committed to the path. 

So what has God asked me to start before I am ready? Oh, let me count!!! Marriage, parenting, homeschooling, opening our home to allow others to live in it, leading Bible studies, a flooded house, traveling to South Sudan, Quarantine, writing, and now, a new year. And so, one step at a time I begin. How?

One way to mentally commit to our new beginning and get ready for this year is to remember God’s sovereignty (knowledge and power over all of time and space) and His goodness. As we find ourselves stumbling into the Year 2020 with sore hearts and tentative hope, courage rises. 

"We can begin because God is ready. 

We begin because He is with us."

Melissa N. Smith, @framedinjoy 

Has He been faithful every step of the way? Oh yes, He has. Wonderfully, each difficult and awkward start trains us up and teaches us more about Christ. We can begin this year hopefully, not because we anticipate the road being any easier. No. We are hopeful because God journeyed with us last year and sustained us. He will do so again. 

Ready or Not: The Next Step Is To Begin 

“A heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes His steps.” 

Proverbs 16:9, ESV 

Yes, sometimes you have to start before you are ready. However, with Christ, your steps will be established and you will be loved. It may be messy or imperfect, but moving forward is a beautiful journey. Ready or not, let’s begin, friends. 

For all of you perfectionist out there, I’m about to hurt your heads with this next quote. Prepare yourselves; here it is.

“Whatever it is, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be good enough for now.” -Liz Forkin Bohannon in Beginner’s Pluck

Ouch. As we begin our new year, a project, a job, a relationship, we need to get good at being bad beginners. CoVid19 made a mess last year, and it may not be done. It’s okay, friend, just take an imperfect step forward. 

Where do you need to step out in faith and just start? Shoot me an email or comment below. I’d love to hear how God is leading you. 

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