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Jesus, the Cornerstone

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“Jesus looked directly at them and asked, ‘Then what is the meaning of that which is written: ‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?’” – Luke 20:17, NIV

What unusual traditions prepare your family for Christmas? Several years ago, we adopted a December weekend “staycation” reserved to hang out in PJs while doing our favorite Christmas-y things together. Even this year when we’ve spent more time at home in our pajamas than ever, we will still participate, because new pajamas are worth getting excited about!  

Over the years, our staycation tradition ebbed and flowed with changing activities except for one thing: The Gingerbread House.

Typically, I purchase multiple, semi-edible homes wrapped in plastic. We make an entire village of candy-filled, brightly colored homes that prominently display in our dining room. They bring a festive, decorative touch to our favorite gathering spot. This year, however, we’ll be experiencing a new tradition . . . Jesus, our cornerstone, framed in joy by a gingerbread house made from scratch.  

Over the summer, we made one for the first time—and I’ll never look back. As the heavenly aroma of cinnamon and ginger delighted our senses on a hot August afternoon, I knew I was ruined from purchasing store-bought ones forever. 

Homemade Gingerbread House 

Perhaps you’re wondering why in the world we made gingerbread during the summer? As I wrote my first book, Counting Up To Christmas: 24 Gifts from the Gospel of Luke, I sensed the Holy Spirit leading me to create images to help open each day’s gift from Scripture. In Luke 20, Jesus spoke the words pronouncing His fulfillment as the Cornerstone. Discerning which image to use to portray this gift was a puzzle until my cousin Angie inspired the idea. I found a recipe passed over from a friend a few years before so, with the help of my two girlies, our cookie home— with a carefully placed lego-formed Jesus—became a reality. 

In my book, I state that I am a fan of pre-assembled cookie homes. (Until now, that is!) The reason being, who wants to wait for the icing to solidify? If you aren’t patient enough, you end up with a MESS! We experienced, more than once, a hurricane of broken cookies, sloppy frosting, and candies piled on a plate. I’ve learned the key to a stable house is a well-prepared foundation. 

Speaking of stability, this year challenged me to deeply consider Jesus’ role in the solid foundation I stand on. You too? Living through an international pandemic, a contentious election year, and all the other crazy things 2020 brought our way messed with my peace. 

However, Jesus is our cornerstone—He said so Himself! (Luke 20:17) As we step into an extra challenging holiday season, this attribute of Jesus demands our attention. A cornerstone is an object of high importance, which something else depends upon. Jesus is a rock not cut by human hands, upon whom we can build our faith. (Daniel 2:34) He is our unfailing, firm foundation. (Matthew 7:24-26) 

So, today I’m encouraging you to represent this truth tangibly by wrapping it into a Christmas tradition. Let’s fill our communities with the joy of Jesus-themed gingerbread houses! Place them in your home, and post them online, to show the world where we are placing our hope and peace for Christmas this year: on the firm foundation and cornerstone of Jesus!  

Lord, we praise You for the gift of Your Son, our Cornerstone. Please help us to stand firm on Christ and have confidence in the rock You gave us to stand on! Help us to be living stones with infinite trust in the solid base, Your Son. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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Jennifer Elwood resides in Yakima, Washington. She is a lover of Jesus, wife of Tom, mom of three, and bonus mom and grandma of many. She enjoys rich coffee, European chocolate, and the color orange. Going to Israel for the first time in 2015 sparked her desire to write and she has not stopped since. Counting Up to Christmas: Twenty-Four Gifts from the Gospel of Luke is her first book. Stay up to date with her, download freebies, and receive the recipe book that accompanies Counting Up To Christmas, at www.jenniferelwood.com.

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