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Bible Reading for Connection NOT Perfection Blog Post

Bible Reading for Connection Not Perfection

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Growing up, I can vividly remember having a curiosity towards the Bible. I wondered if I would ever read or understand the whole thing. I would wake up each morning and see my dad in his chair reading his Bible, and then my mom at the kitchen table reading hers. It wasn’t a duty or an obligation to them, but instead, it seemed like they genuinely enjoyed it.

I wanted that. 

However, after years of attempting to read through the whole thing, I felt like a failure. Each year I would say, “This is the year!” Again and again, I would get behind on the plan, try to catch up, and then give up. It was a long wait for the next year. Sound familiar?

The Thief of Joy: A Perfection Mindset

What words come to mind when you think about a Bible reading plan? 

Maybe a few of these words ring true:

  • Behind. 
  • Failed.
  • Forgot.
  • No time.
  • Mundane.
  • Hard to understand. 

At the beginning of the year, you have a fresh start and high motivation for reading your Bible each day. But as the year goes on, that motivation starts to fade. It could be on day 17, or it could be on day 2. So what do you do when that motivation fades? How do you approach your Bible reading when you have already missed 3 days and can’t remember where you put your Bible? 

I’ve been there. You see, I am a box checker. I like to see a streak of X’s on my calendar where I have accomplished my goals. This box-checking mindset leads to disappointment when there isn’t a perfectly checked box, but it also leads to pride that I am the one marking off each of the days.

There is hope, though! Over the past few years, I have broken out of that cycle. In fact, I have read through the Bible 6 times in the last 4 years, and it hasn’t taken any special skill or discipline to do that. All it took was a tiny shift in my approach: a connection mindset.

Restored Joy: A Connection Mindset

What if I told you that 2022 could be the year that you could experience the Bible like this:

  • Joyful. 
  • Confident.
  • Connection to God.
  • Relationship.
  • Enjoyable.

How would that change your experience with Bible reading? How would that change your attitude towards making time for it in your day? 

Over the last 4 years, I have realized that my relationship with God is not a box to be checked, but instead a connection to make. Sure, you can go through some steps to connect with a friend, like shooting a text or making a call. But there is no point where you can say, “Yep. My work here is done.” No! It’s a consistent back and forth. 

"I have realized that my relationship with God is not a box to be checked, but instead a connection to make."

When I applied that connection to my relationship with God, it took the pressure off. So what if I missed 3 days? There was no need to catch up because there isn’t a time limit on a relationship. Our relationship with God isn’t about perfection or a checklist. It is about connecting with God through prayer and consistent time in His Word. 

Starting a new reading plan at the beginning of a new year feels special. Like maybe all of the stars have aligned for this to be THE YEAR that you actually read through the entire Bible. 

I wholeheartedly believe that you can read through the entire Bible. And I wholeheartedly believe that this is a year that you can do that. However, the win doesn’t come from reading through the whole Bible perfectly in 365 days. The win is knowing God more today than you did yesterday. The win is actually enjoying the time you spend with Him. 

What can you shift in your life to make your Bible reading a connection point with God instead of a box to check?

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Eva is passionate about breaking down barriers to Bible study so beginners can learn and love God's Word. She helps people learn how to meet God on the pages of the Bible. As a student of the Bible for over 18 years, Eva helps women move from intimidated and confused by the Bible to confident and joyful in their approach to Scripture. She does this through her podcast Bible Study Made Simple, her course The Word in Color, and her Simple Bible Study Journal.

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